Harmfull Landfill

How does recycling help the enviroment?

      Many people know that recycling is good for the enviroment,but they don't know how it helps the enviroment.
   1. Recycling reduces the amont of Landfills. When you recycle the products you recycle are not put into a landfill they are used to make new products.
   2. Some materials that are put into lanfills are not biodegradable so they don't breakdown into the soil.
   3. Items such as old batteries can be recycled. Most of the time they end up in a landfill and after awhile they begin to realease harmfull toxins into the soil and atmoshpere. So when you recycle you are preventing this.
   4.When you recycle manufactuers do not have to use more reasources to make a new product the old materials are used to make a new product.